Subcontractor Forms

Please read the instructions below for information regarding our forms. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required for PDF forms. Microsoft Excel is required for Excel forms and Microsoft Word is required for Word forms.

Download Instructions


Progress Draw or Retention Draw

Invoice Form with Conditional Release

Billing Period - Typically this is from the first day of the month to the last day of the month.

Original Contract Amount - Progress Draw Note - If you have more than one account number on your Subcontract, you may wish to bill each account separately. This would only be an advantage if these account numbers will be billed in different percentages as the job progresses.

Original Contract Amount-Retention Draw - Enter your total Contract Amount. If you have more than one account number you may bill Retention on one Invoice.

Approved Change Orders

This should only be listed if a fully executed change order is on file in our office. Request for a change order is not an approved change order. If you have a question about this, contact the project manager for your Job.

Percentage of work in place - This needs to be agreed upon with the project manager for your job. Make sure to contact him or her for this percentage.

Previous Payment Applications - This would include all previously submitted Invoices, regardless of whether they have been paid or not. Some owners need paperwork from us before the prior payment has been made to you. Please make sure this amount is correctly entered. It will throw off the calculation if this amount is incorrect.

Title and Date - These fields below the signature need to be entered on this form, as they are the title and date for the release. If you fail to enter here, the title and date on the release will default to 0 and 1/0/1900.


Vendor Information Request Form and W-9:

Our Accounting Department requires that this form be filled out completely, signed and returned for processing.

Use the TAB or ARROW keys on your keyboard to move around the form.

The W-9 is required by the IRS and we will need this filled out and returned. California Sole Proprietors-Please give us your Social Security number along with your FEIN. The State requires us to have this information and submit a form to them with this information.

Subcontractor Guarantee of work:

This form should be filled out completely and then printed on to your company letterhead. Make sure to select the warranty period that applies to your trade if it is more than one year.


These are not interactive forms. You will need to download and fill out these forms manually. See the instructions for the interactive forms.

NOTE: Print, sign and submit all forms to our corporate office in California.